Installation & Rental

Dyndes Inc has a custom solution that is perfect for you! Let us handle your Design, Sales, Repairs, and/or Installation for your next project!

Looking for a temporary solution? Dyndes Inc. also provides equipment rentals!

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Improperly designed audio systems suffer from distracting drop-outs, noise, and poor fidelity. Contact Dyndes Inc. today to design a proper audio system for your budget and your room.

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Lighting upgrades can take your space from dull to exciting. New lighting improvements are gaurenteed to improve the experience for both live and virtual audiences.

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Whether you need a small video studio to create regular content or a state-of-the-art live video switching system, Dyndes Inc. can work with your budget to add video capabilities to your space.

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Professional rigging makes your space easily adaptable while ensuring safety for both your crew and your guests. Contact Dyndes today to discuss your rigging needs. 

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Dyndes Inc. can provide temporary staging for events or build a perminent staging solution for your venue.

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Live Streaming and broadcast have become a neccessity. Talk to Dyndes Inc. today about how a broadcast system can benefit you.

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